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NarutoWorld's fave art!

spoiler --- spoiler --- spoiler --- spoiler

:bulletorange: Manga 689-691 :bulletorange:

Since it's been awhile since I last reviewed a chapter, rather than do a full summary I am going to just go over some of the highlights of the last three chapters and state my opinions on them.

  • To start, I'm truly shocked that Kaguya and black Zetsu are defeated already.  I expected the fight against her to get dragged out for so much longer.  I feel like there was some wasted potential there with Kaguya's character but at the same time, I'm glad she went out while still a villain and without Kishi trying to force in another redemption or anything of that sort.  With that being said, I was thrilled that Sakura (and also Kakashi, of course) got to play a major role in defeating her, it was truly a team effort, not just Naruto and Sasuke on their own, and for that I'm thankful.

  •  Speaking of potentially forced redemptions, once Madara was back and all in one piece, I wasn't sure how his last moments would go, but I thought that Kishi did a pretty good job of repairing the bond between him and Hashirama while still keeping him in character to the very end.  

  • I feel similarly about Obito and Kakashi's last goodbye.  It seems like there were many sad farewells in the last chapter.  But back to the subject of Kakashi, can he really be hokage now, like Obito wished him to be, if he doesn't have sharingan anymore?  

  • I loved Sakura's raction to Hagoromo floating there, like we all who have stuck by this manga for so long know that feeling of being just tired from all these crazy twists and turns and not surprised by anything anymore :lmao:

  • Naruto's goodbye to Minato was probably the most emotional of course, taking place on his birthday morning (for us readers, it has been the night before Naruto's birthday for like, over a year iirc :XD:). Also, Naruto mentioning again how Kushina wanted him to find a girl like her of course had all of the shippers going crazy and I don't blame them, seeing as the endgame pairs should probably be revealed soon unless Kishi chooses to keep the ending vague and leaves things to the imagination.

  • The main question that I still have left though is whether or not Sasuke vs. Naruto is still going to happen.  After watching Madara's final moments, it would be surprising if Sasuke still chose to fight Naruto, especially after saving the world with him.  Also, if Kakashi is still going to become the next hokage, then he doesn't have to fight with Naruto yet about that either.  I thought that I had remembered reading in an interview ages ago that Kishi had said that Sasuke vs Naruto would be the final fight no matter what so I'm really curious now as to how that's going to happen or if it is even goint to happen at all.

  • Another thing to look forward to is everyone else being woken up from infinite tsukuyomi sleep, their reactions should be priceless and entertaining, unless Kishi goes more for sentimental and emotional.  

Well that was alot to catch up on :XD:  What a wild and crazy roller coaster ride this manga has been, is it really almost over?

Thoughts? Opinions? Predictions? :flirty: Till then :wave:

Note: I'm currently on the lookout for a new sannin/admin. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Remember to check our Manga Reviews Archive Vol.1 & Manga Reviews Archive Vol.2 for pasts reviews
Also you can check Naruto Group's Latest Manga Review
Till next time PurpleGeisha :heart:
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