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:bulletorange: Manga 698 :bulletorange:

Only one week left now! We've really reached the end now and I am so full of excitement and nerves to see how it all ends as well as a mix of both happiness and sadness.  Rather than recap the chapters which I missed over the past few weeks I am going to get straight into my thoughts about the last chapter because both it and the chapter that came before it were so full of intense emotions that the chapters before it were simply building up to.

  • Where do I even start!  I know that originally I wanted Sakura to wake up quickly so that she could go and help but I am really grateful that she didn't get up right away now because Sasuke and Naruto really needed that time to themselves in order to heal their relationship and really settle their issues and I'm so glad that they weren't interrupted.

  • Seeing Naruto and Sasuke's relationship from Sasuke's own perspective was probably my favorite part of the chapter because for so long, Kishi has kept so much of Sasuke's own feelings a mystery.  I mean, we have always known that deep inside Sasuke always aknowledged Naruto as his closest friend but to see it from his own view was really touching and made me fall for his character all over again, even though I had been getting so annoyed with him in previous chapters :XD:

  • Also, it's good to see that he did see team 7 as his new family, which was exactly what started his issues with them because it brought back the pain he felt after losing his family.  This will make it interesting to see how he behaves again towards Kakashi and Sakura when they arrive.  He was willing to give up his sharingan to Kakashi in order to end infinite tsukuyomi so I think that he will be more selfless and caring towards them again as well.  The taka fangirl in me also can't help wondering if he will accept them as friends too, but first things first, lol.  

  • Let me stop gushing over Sasuke now and give Naruto some attention :giggle:  I was so proud of how he fought against Sasuke with so much determination and also touched by how his persistence in taking on Kurama's as well as Sasuke's hatred and darkness paid off for him in the end.  Such a wonderful main character after all that I won't soon forget.

  • This fight between the two was so painful and rough and left them nearly dead, each now missing an arm, but to see them smiling, laughing, and bickering again was so worth it, especially to see Sasuke call Naruto usuratonkachi again :heart:

  • Prediction time now.  Will Sakura and Kakashi arrive in time to help heal them?  Does Sakura even have enough strength and chakra to heal them by herself?  One thing I know for sure, we will see infinite tsukuyomi end and all of our other favorites finally will wake up, but then what?  This is why this week is going to be such a long, hard wait full of anticipation that I can barely handle :XD:  

  • Anyway, if you haven't read 698, go read it now!  It's one of my favorites for sure and maybe it wasn't perfect for everyone but the reconciliation between Sasuke and Naruto is something us fans have all been waiting so long to see and I think Kishi did a pretty good job of it.

Now I have to fill up my week with more things to do to distract me while I wait for the last chapter so I don't go crazy :lmao:  Happy early Halloween to those who celebrate it, hope you have a fun day tomorrow :pumpkin:

Thoughts? Opinions? Predictions? :flirty: Till then :wave:

Note: I'm currently on the lookout for a new sannin/admin. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Remember to check our Manga Reviews Archive Vol.1 & Manga Reviews Archive Vol.2 for pasts reviews
Also you can check Naruto Group's Latest Manga Review
Till next time PurpleGeisha :heart:
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